Lost Dutchman Tattoo started in 2015. Located at one of Arizona's oldest 

  tattoo shop locations (since 1983), we strive for customer satisfaction and 

  solid, clean tattoos everytime. We specialize in various styles from realism to     traditional as well as lettering and logos. you can pick off the wall or we can     custom design your tattoo.  We can tattoo traditional tattoos, portrait tattoos, blackandgrey tattoos, color tattoos, lettering tattoos, crosses, japanese animation, japanese, tribal, blackwork and more!

We accept walkins and appointments.

All our award winning artists have completed bloodborne pathogen certifications and we practice OSHA guidelines in our tattoo procedures, sterilization procedures and overall cleanliness of the shop. We are also 

​accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating.

​The name of our shop comes from the legend of a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States. The location is generally believed to be in the Superstition Mountains, near Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, Arizona. There have been many stories about how to find the mine, and each year people search for the mine. Some have died on the search.

The mine is named after German immigrant Jacob Waltz (c. 1810–1891), who purportedly discovered it in the 19th century and kept its location a secret. ("Dutchman" was a common American term for a "German" (or "Deutsch"), since for many English speaking Americans the words "Dutch" and "Deutsch" have a similar pronunciation, for example Pennsylvania Dutch; "Dutch" is the English cognate to the German demonym, "Deutsch".)

The Lost Dutchman's is perhaps the most famous lost mine in American history.