Q: Do tattoos hurt?

A: They do but some spots more than others and everyone can take pain differently.

Q: How much are tattoos?

A: It all depends on size, where its going, and detail of the art. Our shop minimum is $80 the price starts at $80 and goes from there.

Q: Why do you have a minimum?

A: It takes expertise to thoroughly set up for a tattoo that you wont get a disease from. Plus you are paying for our time and expertise. We always ensure that you will receive a great tattoo.

Q: Can I be drunk when I get tattooed?

A: No. Have you ever been sober around drunks? We require concentraition to put a permanent piece of art on your body. Most people when they drink tend to speak a little more animated. With animation comes movement. If you move, it will cause the artist to make mistakes.

Q: How do I start the tattoo process?

A: Come to the shop during business hours Tuesday thru Saturday Noon till 8pm. You can email us lostdutchmantattoo@gmail.com

or call us at (602) 230-1947 consultations are free and do not have to be scheduled.

Q: Do we have tattoo deals or specials?

A: We participate in Friday the 13th we do 3x3in tattoos for $130

Q: How long does a sleeve take and how much.

A: It depends on detail, style, and what the subject matter is. For example, portraits are more time consuming than letters.

Q: How long does it take to heal a tattoo?

A: 2 weeks to a month depending on the amount of work has been done.

Q: Can I swim, tan, or workout after a tattoo?

A: No a tattoo has to be healed to swim or tan

workout at your own discretion.  Just remember,  the more you distress the tattoo while it is healing, the longer it takes to heal. Swimming can cause the tattoo to become infected. So no baths. Showers are ok. Tanning can cause the color to fade.

Q: Do I have to bring my own artwork?

A: It is not required you just need an idea of what you want. we draw most of the tattoos we do. It is ok to bring your own design if you like.